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Mesothelioma support group for Veterans

Posted 3/2/2016

The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network, an advocacy organization dedicated to spreading awareness of  mesothelioma.

They have a staff of retired military veterans, experienced in assisting veterans in applying for VA benefits related to asbestos illnesses. We also help veterans with asbestos-related claims, appeal previously denied claims and help them attain multiple benefits if they had not previously been receiving them.

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HOT- News from our Congressional Delegation regarding changes to VA Health Care in Alaska!

1/2016 -From Connie McKenzie, Alaska Field Representative for Sen Murkowski and Sen Sullivan.  “I don’t know the specifics of what is being done to fix the Choice program in Minnesota, but did get word this week that some headway is being made in Alaska.  TriWest, the Choice provider in Alaska, has now placed several staff members in the Anchorage VA office to work alongside the VA in assisting Alaska veterans with their appointments.  As was expressed at the meeting we did in Haines, veterans were getting their calls answered by people all over the country who had no idea about the logistics of travel in our state.  Fortunately, it sounds like the people at the clinic in Haines have been able to help veterans who use the clinic, but for those who need to go through Choice, we hope that things will get better now that TriWest has staff located here to work with the VA Coordinated Care staff”.

“TriWest has now placed several staff in the VA Anchorage office to work alongside the VA staff to ensure that the Choice program works for Alaska’s veterans.  The contact information is 1-866-606-8198 to initiate a call. Veterans can find this number on their Choice Card”.

NOTE: Tuesday (Oct 27th, 2015) Connie McKenzie, representing Senator Murkowski and Sullivan along with Chad Padgett, State Director,  representing Congressman Don Young met at our Legion and hosted a discussion with resident veterans on choice health care, pending claims, appealed claims and other items.  We had 13 veterans, plus non-veterans attend and it was a enlightening and forthright discussion. This event was video taped, so if you would like to see what took place, please call our office and request a viewing time.